My little mustard obsession

This is a section of the Military Ridge Bike Trail, on the way from Blue Mounds State Park (in Blue Mounds, WI) to Mount Horeb. It is a tradition started by Elyse O’Callaghan and I to bike on this trail every first Saturday in August to the annual Mustard Festival in Mount Horeb. [A side note: the curator of the Mustard Museum, Barry Levenson, reminds me of what David Finley might turn up to be.] This is the nice section of the trail; for the majority of the time we’re biking in the direct August sun, which is not so cool.

A billboard on the trail. I forget what it was for, but it doesn’t matter… like most things, it’s what’s on the overlooked side that’s truly interesting. I was just getting used to the camera this day, and had the exposure on wrong, so a lot of the pictures have washed out areas… just look at where the tree meets the sky. But I am older and wiser now, and will hopefully make different mistakes in the future.

Lifechurch: I don’t know what I like about this photo, or what made me take it. If anyone can tell me, I’d appreciate it.

And what I hate most about camping: it always rains on the last day, when you have to pack up your tent.


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