South American elections

The first woman president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, was elected this past Monday in a very close election, according to a article. This in itself is awesome, but by far my favorite thing to note is the statement of her opponent, a “conservative businessman” named Sebastian Pinera.

Pinera said he would like to “pay homage to all those millions and millions of women who with much strength and tenacity have finally achieved the place and the situation they deserve in our society.”

There are two things about this that make me happy: firstly, someone elected a woman president (not that that’s new, it’s just another country that is unlike the United States in this matter), and secondly, that her opponent was gracious enough to say something genuinely positive upon her victory, even though he may not agree with her policies or even agree with the very statement he made.

Politicians are widely credited with being liars, but this is always said in a negative sense. Perhaps it would be good for politicians to lie in a positive way for a change. Say something that you don’t mean, not in a campaign speech, but in a resignation speech. Show a little superficial grace.


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