Jittery, philosophic, cold

Spent most of the night creating a kite in my basement, till the mashed potato came over. Then we talked about art & about love, and how cool it is when they coincide. Or at least that’s how I remember it. Right now I should be working on my IRP (NOT an igloo raping party, as one of my friends nicknamed it, although it’s about as pleasant.)
Otherwise: need to get significant amount of art, papers & other stuff done this weekend. So far have gotten a lukewarm start… we’ll see how tomorrow morning goes! I should be able to get most paper-related stuff done then… Right…?
The photo’s from bbc.com, part of a BBC photo journalism piece called In Pictures: New Guantanamo Jail. I’m not going to lie: I chose to post this picture because the soldier on the left, the one not holding the door open, reminds me of Jane Paar, future Marine officer extraordinaire.
But let’s see what BBC has to offer:
I would hate to be this woman. Ha. Even if her actions are justified, she will never live it down.
Otherwise, I’ve been really infuriated recently about Chavez’s win in Venezuela (and by such a big margin!) I really wasn’t expecting Rosales to win, but I was emotionally involved with this race. And for no reason.
BBC did teach me that in Venezuela, they dye their pets. I saw a photo of a hot pink dog.
And this must be embarrassing for Indian men as a whole. LOfuckingL.


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