Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Mix-up

No posts in much time…

There has been much in the way of plays, etc. going on in my life. I have relatively abandoned the Cardinal News (not that it mattered; they took my loss in their stride… perhaps too well). Now all the play-age is done. So this week is all about the Student Play Festival.

But that is for another day. Right now I am too busy procrastinating to talk about the best part of my life, minus the mashed potato. Instead, I will talk about aspirations. My aspirations, to be exact…

For last Wednesday I took photos. Photos of what, you ask? Well, I will tell you. Photos of our high school musical: “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” It was fun, because the star is one of my greatest friends and I am friends with about half the cast, and acquaintances with the rest. But it was great fun. I love taking pictures.

I do not love when they are not published, when I was told I needed to take them for publication.

Anyway, in this shot from the musical, David is looking how I felt. Now I feel better.


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