In a word: lame

That’s my vacation so far. I am not one of those with parents that allow them to go on vacation (by themselves) and party. In fact, I wouldn’t even do that if I could. I am that much a nerd.

I sit, eating jellybeans, reading and restraining myself (sometimes forcibly) from harrassing my unfortunate friends with unsolicited phone calls. It is not very warm here (they tell us the temperature will go up later in the week) and I certainly hope so.

My uncle says some guy won a brat-eating contest, finishing with 48 brats (including buns) in 12 minutes. His technique: take 2 brats at a time, dip both buns in water, then eat both buns, then eat both brats (which he cuts in half.) SO SO weird.

I am dreading the family-lunch part of Easter day.


This is probably the last time this week I will have access to a laptop (we have free WiFi in our condo, but I don’t have a laptop!!!)

I sound so spoiled.

That’s me, signing out.


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