What’s wrong with this picture?

Today, I’m seeing contradictions everywhere. How can one be both pro-life and for the death penalty or for United States involvement in Iraq? How can evangelicals justify going to a high school to tell students that gays are going to hell when they profess to believe and follow a God who tells them that, rather than judge your neighbor, you are to love them?

News coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings is all over the place. There is also coverage of the recent car bombings in Iraq. I’ve heard death tolls from both Virginia Tech (32) and the bombings (“some 140 people,” 200, and “at least 117“). Maybe the Virginia Tech shooting will serve as perspective for the violence going on in Iraq, even though right now coverage of the shooting is drowning out the news of the car bombings and also, conveniently, Gonzales’ little scandal. Yay (for him).

In other news: I guess growing up in a city on the liberal side of the suburb spectrum has influenced me. I thought that young people were more likely t0 condemn the war in Iraq. Right? Wrong, according to polling by Janet Elder of the New York Times. In an article entitled “Young People and the War in Iraq,” she speculates on the reason for this divide. No matter what the cause, I find it disheartening.


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