What would I do if I truly didn’t give a shit?

Today, walking up the stairs at school, I had a weird compulsion. You’ll have to imagine the stairs before you can understand what I mean: it connects the upper and lower hallways, which are parallel. The lower hallway and half of the stairwell is open, due to the commons area immediately next to the first floor hallway.The stair goes straight out into the commons area, takes a right parallel to the hallway for a while, then takes another right to join back up with the upper hallway. These are the “Learning Center Stairs.”
These stairs allow for the placement of a desk in between the first floor hallway and the area reserved for the part of the staircase that runs parallel to these hallways. Standing at this desk were three robust male teachers, not quite in their prime and rather fat. And when I reached the top of these stairs, I had an irresistable compulsion to pour my Sierra Mist on their heads. Perhaps not irresistable, because I did, in fact, resist.
It’s just fun to think of.


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