Newsreading Again

>Imagine… the incessant killing of and/or violating the rights of Afghani citizens is making the rest of them angry!

What angers Afghans are not just the bombings, but also the raids of homes, the shootings of civilians in the streets and at checkpoints, and the failure to address those issues over the five years of war. Afghan patience is wearing dangerously thin, officials warn.

Carlotta Gall and David E. Sanger

>I feel kind of stupid for just realizing this but… If Hillary wins the White House the succession will be Bush / Clinton / Bush / Clinton. In an interesting piece of news, Bill inches back into the political spotlight on his lovely wife’s behalf. Hillary, apparently, will not make the mistake of abandoning him, to become a skeleton in her closet. Instead, she will use him as an asset. What a refreshing, relatively audacious move.

>Speaking out against the war

Mr. President, you did not listen …. You continue to pursue a failed strategy that is breaking our great Army and Marine Corps. I left the Army in protest in order to speak out. Mr. President, you have placed our nation in peril. Our only hope is that Congress will act now to protect our fighting men and women.

Gen. John Batiste

>Another couple Jessica Lynches? The International Herald-Tribune, The New York Times.

>In a parallel to the American debate over an deadline of American involvement in Iraq, it appears the Iraqis are itching to use their democracy to—oh, horror—kick the US out of their country. According to another IHT article:

The petition formalizes a widely held sentiment among many lawmakers – and among Iraqis in general – that American troops should withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible, though not before Iraqi security forces are prepared to assume control of the country’s security.

Another article about the growing rebelliousness of the Iraqi parliament in terms of troop withdrawal can be found at the New York Times, and opposition to an American-supported oil bill is documented at CommonDreams.

>Rupert Murdoch, media mogul, addressing the changing atmosphere of the information market as it relates to newspapers:

We are a relatively old company deeply rooted in print journalism … Now, we have to make a huge leap into a completely different world.

Then again, in another IHT article, others in the internet-era newspaper horserace are betting on smaller papers to carry the day. Is conglomerating bittier newspapers the way to go? Numbers in Europe (the article says) indicate that the newspaper is not going out of style as fast there as it is in America. That perhaps, there is a future in print journalism, if one is business-savvy and can save prices by conglomerating. As David Montgomery is doing. It’ll be interesting to watch what happens to newspapers and the newspapering profession.

>One more reason not to become a publisher? Perhaps… although I’ve always been quite good at thankless tasks involving a lot of work and not much recognition, with (as a bonus!) long hours. And screaming, most of the time at you. Gotta love that screaming.

>And finally… Zombies! Having never seen 28 Days Later, I naturally have not yet been to see 28 Weeks Later. However, a review I read today promises some nice metaphorical meaning behind a violent zombie romp through an empty London: lovely! I must have a nice romantic zombie-film night with my boy, to see the first one. He will wax film-geekiness about “the-making-of” and we will have to watch all the special features. Then we will be able to finally view the sequel. (It will be tough to find the time, though, with the end of the school year coming up so slowly!)

>Oh, and as a postscript: Screw you, Sen. Brownback.


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