Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego


“Following an unabashedly rightist election campaign that earned him a reputation for blunt language and controversial proposals, Sarkozy’s determination to govern with former foes surprised many officials and analysts, who referred to his initiative alternately as wise and Machiavellian.”


“We are telling you to leave the region…The nations of the region can no longer take you forcing yourself on them.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, quote taken from the International Herald-Tribune

“What you are doing searching for your soldiers will be in vain and lead to nothing but fatigue and unrest… Your soldiers are in our hands. If you desire safety do not look for them.”

—a statement posted on jihadist Web sites by the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella insurgent group that includes Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. Quote from the New York Times.

“The US Senate is expected to vote as early as this week on whether to cut off money for the Iraq war next year, as well as on a softer measure calling for US troops to leave by October.”

“Admiral William Fallon, then President George W. Bush’s nominee to head the Central Command (CENTCOM), expressed strong opposition in February to an administration plan to increase the number of carrier strike groups in the Persian Gulf from two to three and vowed privately there would be no war against Iran as long as he was chief of CENTCOM, according to sources with access to his thinking.”

Common Dreams


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