Boring like you

Today was simply a terrible day for productivity. Between half-sleeping the whole day (with a terrible, terrible cold!) and the sheer laziness that is me (see: title of blog). Facebook has consumed a large portion, records and boyfriend another large portion, and I have eaten far too much chocolate. I have been kicked five times by my completely mad brother, and accomplished many things both simple and difficult. I have not, however, done anything remotely worthwhile, except making a Facebook group that could, in some universes and when the stars are aligned, perhaps be interpreted to be “targeting someone.”

Hopefully no one will report me, because it is authentically funny.

Today has been a Rolling Stones day. I am so laughably behind in my work for AP Gov, about a week behind in blog reports. I need to finish those and my Community Service Project reflection tonight. So alas, not much sleep will be happening in my life.

Worrying about graduation, grades and the effects of my wild escapades.


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