"Our country’s calling… our country’s destiny."

I am so sick of people pretending that there is a solution, or that certain actions will get us into a good place where people are happy and where there is “world peace.” According to CNN, Bush’s Memorial Day speech included these words:

From [American’s troops’] deaths must come a world where the cruel dreams of tyrants and terrorists are frustrated and foiled, where our nation is more secure from attack and where the gift of liberty is secured for millions who have never known it … This is our country’s calling. It’s our country’s destiny.

I think this is complete bullshit. Have we seen more security as a result of these deaths? Well, there haven’t been any more attacks on American soil. But couldn’t that be chalked up to increased airport security, etc.? And how can we claim to be securing liberty for millions when we clearly subordinate individual rights for this wide, broad, utopian illusion of “liberty for the millions”? Our country’s calling? The next meal. Our country’s destiny? We will fall due to our blindness and our own hubris.


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