More proof that I’m a film geek (if you needed it)

Tonight will be the third night this week I’ve gone to someone’s house to watch a movie, and the fifth movie in three days. Monday was Love Actually and The Shawshank Redemption in Emma’s basement, a sort of double-date with her and Ross. Tuesday was The Sting and The First Great Train Robbery at John’s house, the first meeting of the John’s Basement Lair Film Club (which I helped organize), in short, Train Heist Night. And tonight is Pan’s Labyrinth at Zach’s house.

I’m really looking forward to this film. Having tried to watch it many a time, and giving it back to the library several days late a couple of those times, finally I will see the second half! During the first part of it, the part I saw, I was struck by how scary it was. Not in an intentional or an ornamental way; instead, the story had this integral frighteningness that lay outside simply trying to scare people. The story, like the morphing bug-fairy thing, attempts to shift its shape, to appear more innocuous than it is, but in the end it fails.

[image snatched from Thanks, man!]


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