Well, here I am again. The last time I got my hair cut I compromised on the length; the woman cutting it told me that I’d want to have it long enough to put up during the hot summer. And for a while I resisted the temptation to put up my hair, really I did, but now I do it basically every day. And I don’t like it.

Consequently, I have decided to cut my hair again. My plan before was to get a slightly more original cut than usual. I keep the usual long layers, get it short, but shorter in the back and getting longer towards the front, in a sort of angle following my jawline. The longest layer will hit slightly below my jawline.

The second step of my plan is to dye the bottom layers a funky color. And this, I know, will be nerve wracking. Having gotten up the courage to get a new kind of haircut, I don’t think I’ll be able to get up the nerve once again to actually dye it. And I’m poor, which would mean a home dye treatment… always a sketch proposition. I know I would mess it up somehow.

That being said, I’m still juggling my options. Earlier in the plan, I debated the relative merits of pink and orange. My boyfriend supported orange, although this probably has something to do with his love of the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. But I’ve become less sure about these choices, and I’ve broadened my horizons. Maroon? Blue (matching my eyes)? Red?

Green and yellow are for sure out, I know. But this dilemma in mind, I took a quiz online, proclaiming “What’s Your Funky Inner Hair Color.” (Kids, this is always the best solution to your problems: do some random bored kid’s poll in order to collect arbitrary guidance on important questions of life or death). The results:

Your hair should be PURPLE. You are intense, thoughtful, and unconventional. You’re always philosophizing and inspiring others with your insights.

Why would being “intense,” “thoughtful” or even “unconventional” point in any way to the color purple? This poll is ridiculous.

We’ll have to see. A cut ‘n dye job is a drastic transition for this girl.


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