End bad typ[ing

I know this is my petty and anal side speaking, but I’m getting kind of ticked off by people who spell group names wrong on Facebook. It’s really geeky, but it really annoys me. For example, there’s a group named End Cardinal News Corrup[tion, which obviously happened because some devious person had put some kind of oil or other slippery substance on the creator’s “p” key, causing their finger to slip and effecting irreparable damage on the group forever (while one can edit pretty much every other bit of group info, you can’t change the name.) But seriously: are you in such a hurry to create such a group that you can’t look at what you’re typing and realize that there is a rogue punctuation mark interrupting the most dramatic and accusatory word in the group title? I think it completely ruins the momentum, and would provide anyone with ammunition to defend the maligned newspaper. After all, the Cardinal News may be corrupt, but at least they edit their copy. And it’s not just that group. I actually joined a group called I Hate People Who Misspell Group Names. It’s a comfort to know that I’m not the only hopelessly anal about this (arguably serious) topic.

Who am I kidding, this post labels me an anal, obsessive-compulsive, snobby geek about five ways from early Saturday morning. But it bothers me that no one gives a shit.



  1. Kadie

    I agree. It really bothers me that one of the Franklin groups is “Franklin college switzerland”. I really wish it were “Franklin College Switzerland”.

    Yeah I feel lame now.

  2. Kadie

    Actually, I really dislike that group, now that I’ve looked at it. It’s like, way to be constructive guys.

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