Sioux Falls (and I’m hungry)

Here I am, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I’m in the hotel lobby, typing on their ridiculously funny-looking, almost-round keyboard. (Side note: I hadn’t noticed what a snob I was when it came to Internet browsers until I was forced to use the only browser on this computer, which is the old Internet Explorer. The loss of the beloved tab function cuts deep as a knife to the very center of my wounded heart.)

A lot of drama on the trip today. My mother and I lost no time in getting into a full-fledged argument, which lasted all day. She made me sit in the back of the minivan (which was a vast improvement anyway), but attempted to make me apologize by refusing to turn the back air conditioning vents on until I prostrated my humble self before her feet (figuratively, of course, because literally, her feet were on the gas pedal and that would be more than somewhat difficult.) But I refused. I ended up apologizing in the hotel room because I got sick of it. She really is an incredibly unforgiving woman.

Tonight we’re going to a restaurant called the Spicy Pickle. I live in hope of eating paninis tonight. Otherwise, it threatens to be a rather boring afternoon. I must content myself with markers, pens, notebooks and Blue Like Jazz. Hopefully I will have the chance to keep posting throughout the vacation, it promises to be interesting, if nothing else.


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