When it comes to females

Tonight I entered into a new era of life.

Went out to coffee with a couple of friends at Starbucks. We got back and the garage light was on, which means that either (a) one hell of a large animal was around or (b) someone had just come up our driveway. I didn’t see anyone, though, and went to get the spare key to let my friends and myself inside.

I hear: “Emily… there’s some people coming up your driveway.”

I think: “Oh no, Suzanna’s coming home, she must be too frightened to sleep over at Charlotte’s again.”

So I come out with the house key and there are three girls in my driveway. I have never seen these girls before. The one in front has long, curly, bleached hair. She says:

“Hi. Is Paul there?”

Um. My brother. These girls are asking for my brother.

I say: “No, he’s at a concert.”

Girl says: “Oh.”

My friend Ally says: “A really rocking concert.”

Girl says: “Oh. OK.”

Overall it was incredibly awkward. Looking back, I probably should have asked their names. I mean, they weren’t bad-looking at all. And my brother’s fourteen; I should have been expecting this. But forgive me a little bit of shock when I realize that girls may, at some point, find my baby brother attractive.

Because it kind of creeps me out, to tell the truth.


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