Two full days without my sketchbooks

Today my sketchbook is due for art class. Since I do a lot of drawing and note-taking in my ruled assignment notebook, I’m turning that in too. But it will be a struggle to subsist for a day in a completely different notebook than the one I’ve been using for the past month.

I am very apprehensive about giving it up. But I’ll have enough on my hands doing my master imitation due on Thursday, when I get my sketchbook back. It’s the Egon Schiele painting on the right: Die TΓΌr in das Offene! or The Door to the Open (click it to see it in more detail; to me, it’s the sensitive line that makes it so stunning). In real life, it’s 12.6 x 19in., and it’s gorgeousness in watercolor and pencil. I don’t know how I’m possibly going to recreate it properly. However, when I do I will document it here. I’ll keep you posted on the ongoing state of my hero-worship and pathetic attempts to copy my newest art obsession. Knowing me it will involve considerable and rather painful frustration.

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