Well, I conquered the daunting task of redesigning the header for this blog (something that I’ve been itching to do forever, but couldn’t because I left my Photoshop installation disc at home and my hard drive had to be wiped). My first couple of tries I didn’t even bother to put up, but they got better. Near the end, I had my best pal over at Potatoes Mashed take a look. The photo on the right is a detail of what he saw (click to enlarge!). He told me he hated the font, and sent me many better ones. See that dashing font up there now, folks? That’s Amaretto.

However, juggling all these fancy new fonts around has made me homesick for my old design job at my high school newspaper. I miss the days when it was just me, my arsenal of fonts, a camera, the internet, the Holy Trinity of programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and one 22×17 space of newsprint.

I thought writing it down would make me feel better, but now I’m just more depressed. Ah, well, art history discussion questions beckon.


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