Allow me to geek out a little bit. The Absolute Sandman Vol. II is here, and I am drooling over its general excellence. No, I haven’t bought the first volume. Yes, I want to badly. No, I can’t afford it, although that doesn’t stop me from pulling my debit card out of my wallet and running my fingers over the raised numbers as I gaze longingly at the images of the cover on Amazon… As Joe of Forbidden Planet International writes in “Dealing in Absolutes and the Key to Hell“:

If it doesn’t make you want to pick up a good book on world folklore to read more about some of those characters then there is something wrong with you. Reading it the first time round in comics form I found it demanded re-readings (I’m re-reading it still and will be yet again when I buy myself this new volume) – Neil’s now-signature layering of story upon story interleaved with references to poetry, religion and world folklore and myth. Myth in one form or another underpins many of the best stories, regardless of the medium, and here it was a younger Gaiman showed how well he could use myth in a tale.

I love this series with a passion. It is both beautiful and intelligent, with the bonus of being occasionally hilarious, in a British kind of way.

In other Gaiman news: according to his own self, Gaiman is currently working on a short book called Odd and the Frost Giants. I expect all good things.

(psst: illustration can be found here, with friends.)


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