I changed my mind… Now he’s Pancho Villa

Emiliano Zapata

Originally uploaded by em*ly rose

So I’ve been thinking about my short comic… you know, the one that made it necessary for me to buy an Antonio Banderas film… and I will probably end up using this random drawing of someone who I decided to call Emiliano Zapata (he’s who we were talking about in class, and I needed SOMEONE to say the awesome Zapata quote I couldn’t get out of my head). However, Pancho Villa (in my head, at least) has always been fatter, and Zapata’s a little more lean. So this looks more like Villa, in the end. Making it a good starting point for my comic.

Will keep you updated as time goes on. Beginning to realize that this project will have to be done pretty soon, and I don’t have much time.



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