Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez reveal… what’s in the Pulp Fiction briefcase?

Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez: a MySpace Artist-on-Artist interview.



  1. -RM

    El Mariachi rocks! The thing is though…these guys should’ve released Grindhouse on 1 DVD! Not like Kill Bill, but seriously it should only be 1 DVD! Also, the suitcase “revelation” was hilarious! Going to update my list of blogs with this new address…hope you like your new home!

  2. mylazycells

    Glad you found it OK! I actually haven’t seen Grindhouse yet… I’m assuming it’s worth it?

    Before he was opening up the suitcase, I was like, “This is really stupid that he’s doing this, I can’t believe he’s doing this, he is not telling us what’s inside the suitcase…”

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