The beginning of my life in squares

Despite being preached to constantly of the gloriosity of moleskines by the moleskine fanatic over at Mashed Potatoes, I had never really gotten into writing in them. The ones I’d seen and been tempted to buy had proved to be too small, and I have stuck with lined composition notebooks, for good or for ill. (The backing and durability of composition notebooks being the “good,” the lines and cumbersome size being the “ill.”)

This changed on Friday, when I fell in love with a midsize 13×21 cm. journal with gridded paper in the gift shop of the Weisman Art Museum. One of the first notebooks I started using as a real sketchbook had grid pages in it, and although I loved it, I never really looked for more until recently. So today (ridiculously enough) a friend and I went downtown to Target and Barnes and Noble. I returned with a bottle of glue, a packet of push pins for my bulletin board, and a set of 3 80-page, 13×20cm. gridded moleskines. I opened the plastic covering savagely, carnivorously, with my teeth, and learned that the journal I have is a “Cahier” … a journal with a “heavy-duty cardboard cover, in black [cover] and buff [pages] with visible stitching on the spine.” I have the “Large” size. I must concede that they are among the most beautiful notebooks I have owned; I grow slightly weary of black-and-white marbling and those godforsaken pink and blue lines.

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