Lovin’ blue

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am addicted to the tab function in browsers. I routinely max out the amount that fit horizontally, and have to resort to the pull-down menu on the far right that Safari includes for people like me. The logic behind this:

a) I like looking at pretty things

b) sometimes I can’t stand closing a window that includes a pretty thing, for fear I will never see it again (which obviously entails the end of the world).

So the process of keeping it open in tabs ensures that not only will I keep it in my line of sight, but also gives it the test of time. If something stays open for more than 2 days, I usually do something with it. Post it here, post it on del.icio.us, make it one of my (rapidly-changing) desktop backgrounds…

Here’s a post on perfectbound that I have been unable to turn my back on for several days, due mostly to the striking photo:

Feelin’<p> blue

So pretty, no? 

I’ve documented my obsession, so now I can close out of the tab. Finally. 



  1. Emily

    The worst is when you’re on a computer that has the really-old Windows-1800 version of Internet Explorer, and there’s NO TAB FUNCTION AT ALL.

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