God forgive me, I’m paying attention to politics again

I, fascinated by the primary drama in spite of myself, read this post by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone and wanted to applaud afterwards. He writes:  

The media has done its best to turn a once-promising race into an idiotic exchange of Nerf-insults, delivered at rah-rah campaign events utterly indistinguishable from scholastic pep rallies. “If there’s policy in this race,” one veteran campaign reporter tells me with a sad laugh, “I haven’t noticed it.”  

And while it’s tempting to blame the candidates, deep in my black journalist’s heart I know it isn’t all their fault.

We did this. The press. America tried to give us a real race, and we turned it into a bag of shit, just in the nick of time.   

— Matt Taibbi, How Trivial Can the Media Make the Presidential Race?

UPDATE (22 Jan, 6:25 PM):  

Saw this on the Daily Show and thought it applied. The last quote is dynamite.


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