Reflections on news sources

Back in high school, when I was a happy student of AP American Government, my teacher used to lament the fact that most young people seemed to get their news not from “real news sources” like CNN, but from comedy shows — most notably, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I believe that many view this as cause for alarm — this will lead to the decline of the electoral process, and the ultimate doom of the United States at the hands of the Reds.

However, I can’t help but think it’s the other way around. It seems to me that Stewart and Colbert are the only ones who are getting it right, while the “serious” newsmen have become the mouthpiece of an institution that turns the serious business of a presidential election into a reality show.

In the end, the more I see of “real” news coverage, the better I feel about not paying attention to it. WordPress can’t seem to embed it, but here is a prime example of both what I love about The Daily Show and what I am beginning to abhor about the mainstream media, and here’s the Report’s spin on it.




    While the media is incredibly bias and exaggerrates things, Jon Stewart doesn’t totally get them here. In the clips he shows of the “eruptions” by Romney and Clinton, he neglects to show the parts where the guys do get much more heated with the media. Especially with Romney, because later Romney actually goes off and continues to argue with the reporter face to face, and you can tell Romney is pissed off. So while Stewart is right in a way, he does underplay Clinton and Romney’s exchanges with the media.


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