Mutant Meatballs From Space!

I try really hard to keep this blog free of my petty bitching. Not only does no one usually care what pissed me off today, I don’t usually care what pissed me off today, and just want to get it behind it. Not so today!

Having had a very very bad day, I ended up napping in the afternoon till 6:52, waking up and then realizing that I had exactly eight minutes to get down to the dining hall and grab some food before they shut the doors in the faces of their ravenous and defeated students. So I grabbed a backpack (gotta steal some creamer!) and ran downstairs, to acquire some food, because I was hungry. Soot

As I was going through the “healthy” line (read: the “not-hamburgers-and-french fries” line) I saw a huge, rather untouched vat of slightly furry-looking little meatballs. If anyone has seen Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, they brought to mind a juicy brown version of the little furry black coal-creatures that fuel Kamaji’s furnaces in the boiler room (pictured to your right). I take none of these meatballs, espying pasta and mashed potatoes further along the line.

So I make for the penne with marinara sauce. It’s then that I realize that it has the same meatballs in it. I carefully pick around these and move on to the potatoes.

But what I thought were chunks of regular potato left, for texture or something, was actually — you guessed it — more space-alien meatballs. So now the meat itself is no longer just mystery meat — now it’s also mystery where they’re going to think of to serve it next. Only at University Dining Services…


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