And I thought I was finished with college applications…

Since I’m transferring from the College of Liberal Arts to the College of Design within the University of Minnesota, I have to reapply to school all over again. This includes a career statement, which is currently making me very very angry.

“What interests you most about graphic design? What would be the greatest part of being a graphic designer? What would be the most challenging part? Specifically, what do you want to do in the field when you graduate?”

Compare that to the statement I have to write for my application to Columbia College Chicago’s graphic design program:

“Risk-taking is a part of the creative process.  To break new ground or to veer in a new direction requires a certain blend of courage and “blind faith”, a hopeful confidence that your message will be heard and understood, and – most importantly – valued by others.

“Many successful artists, musicians, performers, writers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, producers, etc., take creative risks to move their artform forward, and, while many risks have proved successful (maybe even revolutionary), it’s also true that just as many have flopped.  Whether exploring a new idea or form, proposing a show, writing a grant proposal, or presenting their work to the public, the greatest artists have faced rejection and were forced to find ways to persevere.

“Big or small, tell us about a time in your creative or artistic life when you were criticized for your creative decisions or told “no”.   Did you abandon your new idea?  Refine your new idea?  Or did you reject the criticism and proceed full speed ahead?  Tell us about your though process during this time.  Do you regret not following through on your idea?  Or are you now grateful you didn’t go out on such as precarious limb?  How do you think the criticism or denial affected the further development of your creative work?”

It’s interesting to note the completely different focus. And how it probably reflects the respective focus of the curriculum, as far as I’ve experienced it.

Now to stop bitching and start writing…



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