More proof that I am insane

I almost never zip up my jacket. I realized today that this probably contributes to my always being cold. But I have thissnow weird sense of pride, almost as if to admit that it’s freaking freezing outside is to let Minnesota win. And we can’t have that. Half of me is convinced that not zipping up my coat or hoodie and only loosely draping a scarf around my neck when I go outside, combined with not wearing a hat or gloves, will make it warmer faster, because the winter will just look at me and feel this overwhelming sense of failure, or a crushing weight of the utter futility of its existence, and just give up at trying to make it colder. Thus: spring.

Of course, it’s the weather, not a person. This is why dumb/delusional people like me get really bad head colds and the sore throat and sinus headaches that come with them. Nice going, me.


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