“Favre Is Magic”


Click on the picture for a Best-Of-Favre-2007 vid, courtesy NFL.com

So he’s finally retired. Somehow, I didn’t really believe it would happen. But it did. And if ever anyone deserves some nice solid rest, it’s Brett Favre. I’m sure he’ll never know that this little blonde girl from Milwaukee decided at age six that she wanted to be a football player when she grew up because of him. However, I’m equally certain that he knows how he has, for a generation of us, defined the Packers, and what it means to be a sportsman.

So rest hard, Mr. Favre. We’re still rooting for you.


One comment

  1. -RM

    He truly has been an exceptional sportsman! I’m a Giants fan, but he was a truly great sportsman with my respect. I hate the Cowboys so I am sure I rooted for Farve many times in my life.

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